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Real is so RARE these days.....

War-Hero-nurses, traumatized humans... you will need ore.

Getting REAL with your dis-ease must be a priority! Your inner peace and future prosperity DEPENDS ON IT!

Nurses, do you know your Behavioral Health Benefits?

I bet not! I didn't!

I just spoke with a colleague that was spiraling in the PTSD-swirl, a place damn near impossible to comprehend alone, due to the nature of PTSD. I was able to share my experience navigating my behavioral health benefits, and I am encouraged by the SIMILARITIES of our findings!

I was in DESPAIR ("tomorrow is going to be JUST LIKE TODAY"), not feeling the dis-ease alleviated for any extended period of time. AND, like a good Nurse/Woman/Mom, I was back to caring for others, even letting that care take precedent over these self-care appointments (sound familiar??).

Eventually, I was paying $50/visit co-pay for traditional 1-1 mental health

support/therapy. After learning that there was something different- IOP (intensive Outpatient Therapy), I hesitantly tried again, because i was so low and desperate....I can still feel it in my gut and heart space, it was a dark place.

Primarily, I am here to say that 3day/week therapy CHANGED MY LIFE! You will need to vulnerably show up for yourself, maybe FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, YOU PICKING YOU ....FIRST.

I recommend contacting your Health Insurance provider and ask about IOP coverage vs traditional single session coverage.

My nurse colleague and I both found IOP to be 100% covered with no co-pay. This level of intensive mental wellness therapy opens doors to other benefits, like STD/LTD being available.

I'm happy to help navigate....

I can already hear the excuses....and I am here to tell you- NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES

Priority was never meant to be a plural word, becaue that becomes a to-do list.


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