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Testimonials: Testimonials

Compounded by the additional stresses of the last year with the pandemic as a ICU nurse, my home life was just as stressful with my husband going through his own trials.  Dawn came into my life in the exact moment I needed her most.  There was an instant connection and a comfort level that allowed me to deeply share myself and open myself up to many feelings I didn't want to acknowledge.  She helped me realize my power and gave me tools that I could use to create a lifetime of happiness

Jen L, RN

Working with you has been a relief!  You listen with compassion and wisdom and I feel I can be completely honest with you which is needed in order to deal with the issues that were causing my health situation.   You gave me great suggestions and I got a lot from our conversations, specifically, reconnecting to healthy practices, reclaiming my awesomeness and paying less attention to my thoughts.

Scott H

Each session with Dawn was a pure Gift, I enjoyed them tremendously, they were fun and comfortable, but she still was able to dive deep into areas of my life that needed some “cleaning out” lol. I would recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a Nurse Coach, who needs a little push, a BIG push anything! She is capable of getting you real, raw and straight to the values, reasons, answers.

Nicole N, RN

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I was working in a job that was taking over my life and I was trying to find balance and keep true to my selfcare. Coaching with Dawn really helped me see with more clarity the areas of my life that needed attention. She helped me see that I could trust in myself. Having someone to talk to who is there to listen and who "has your back" is such a wonderful thing. It helped me feel more confident about my choices and I will go forward with more awareness to trust my intuition and allow it to guide my choices in the future.

Betsy A, RN

My life before my sessions with you I was feeling insecure, vulnerable and lost in dealing with a lot of trauma.  Your coaching sessions created a container where I could honest explore my experiences and create new rituals and behaviors in my life.  I was about a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 in dealing with PTSD when I started working with you.  Today I am around a 2 to 4 depending on the day. You created a safe place that foster growth and healing.  Your ability to keep the conversation on track and read between the lines is profound.  I have seen may therapists and most of them cannot do this.  I think you found your calling.

Ali D

What I liked most was beginning each session off with a song of my choice. We also finished off our sessions with a list of goals and activities to work on.

Through my sessions with Dawn, I achieved a clearer understanding of what was holding back my success and what steps I needed to take to be more successful in my relationships. I’ve learned how to be more assertive and feel more confident in my decisions, and how to navigate difficult relationships.

Allison C 

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